Our Purpose

We’re here to make you a winner

Players win when they play. But for you, winning isn’t fun and games. It’s about improving your lottery’s performance. Optimizing the value exchange with your players (and retailers). And since lottery technologies, games and players' needs change over time, you need solutions that leverage player data and UX to adapt to those changes. That’s what we do. We help you continuously improve player experiences and engagement – and squeeze more from your marketing and advertising investments.


First party data is marketing fuel

AdaptEP™ is an intelligent marketing ecosystem specifically for lotteries. Manage your mobile app, website, loyalty and rewards, all from one platform. Collect player data from all touchpoints and game sources. And use it all to supercharge your marketing. You've never seen anything like this.

Mobile Cashing

True cashless payment in a mobile app

A lottery industry first, Marcus Thomas’ cashless payout system delivers secure, mobile-only payouts right from a mobile app. The player scans an eligible ticket, selects CASH OUT and initiates the process of ID and ticket verification, state debt withholding, and depositing their winnings directly into their bank account. A win for players. A win for retailers. And a win for your lottery.

Retailer Acquisition and Management

Retailer onboarding in days, not months

Let’s be blunt: While prospective retailers are filling out forms, they’re not generating sales. We fixed that with an online process that takes the retailer from interested to vetted to selling. Oh, and the solution can pay for itself in just a few months, too.

Loyalty and Rewards

Turnkey loyalty and rewards – and management flexibility

Nearly 2 million players. More than 350 million non-transactions. And more than $15 million in prize payouts. All from a custom solution with responsive website and mobile app, digital and physical prize fulfillment, dynamic user/winner verifications, and mobile cashing. That’s Ohio Lottery’s MyLotto Rewards®.

Hosting and Web Services

Challenging traffic transformed into revenue source

Big traffic is good, right? For Mega Millions, if left unmanaged, massive traffic spikes could be disastrous. Or – with some creative technology architecture – massively productive. We developed an efficient, scalable solution that replaced headaches with revenue, helping to support Mega Millions’ marketing efforts.

Systems Consulting

COAM Win for Georgia Lottery

A lottery’s coin operated footprint is a complicated network of providers that requires timely and precise management of licenses and services. And time is money. Georgia Lottery called on us to handle dev operations for this complex challenge.

Lottery is in our DNA

Lottery innovators for nearly 50 years

Some people think digital solutions build human connections. We think humans shape great digital solutions. We focus on research, UX, player data and our lottery experience that began in 1974 to create solutions players want and need. Things like mobile cashing and AdaptEP™. Things that help lotteries win.


Our Experience

We surround ourselves with winners

Over the last 25+ years, we’ve built our digital team to drive gaming engagement and revenue, and to extract value from the data generated by that engagement. This approach has created great engagement for us, too. We work with lotteries, their vendors and their agencies throughout the U.S. – always focused on the value exchange and on delivering measurable results.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites and Platforms
  • AdaptEP™
  • Mobile Cashing
  • Hosting and Dev Ops
  • Systems Integration
  • Retailer Acquisition and Management
  • CRM and Marketing Automation

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